The following is not a complete list of the presentations I have given, which would be long and boring and basically the same as my publications page.

  1. Royceanizing Peirce’s Normative Sciences,” Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Birmingham, LA (2017).
  2. Peirce’s ‘A Neglected Argument’ And the Rational Acceptability of Religious Belief,” Saint Anselm College Philosophy Colloquium, Manchester, NH (2015).  (The argument presented here is chapter three of Peirce and the Conduct of Life.)
  3. Facts and True Propositions,” New England Pragmatists Forum, Poultney, VT (2015).
  4. The New Sense, the Experience of Nature, and God’s Providence,” Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Grand Rapids, MI (2015).
  5. Can Perceptions Justify Beliefs?: Peirce’s Prescient Reply to Davidson’s Argument,” The Charles S, Peirce Centennial Congress, Lowell, MA (2014).
  6. Geometrical Optical Illusions and Peirce’s ‘Fourth’ Cotary Proposition,” The Charles S. Peirce Centennial Congress, Lowell, MA (2014).
  7. Perception and Passivity,” Central APA, Main Program, New Orleans, LA (2013).
  8. Truth in the Analytic Grade: Disquotation and Representation,” Truth, Morality, Democracy Conference, St. Andrews, Scotland (2012).
  9. “This Proposition Is Not True: C.S. Peirce and the Liar Paradox,” Pacific APA, Group Program, San Diego, CA (2011).  (This article was published under the same title (2011).)
  10. Perceptual Normativity and Accuracy,” Central APA, Main Program, Minneapolis, MN (2011).
  11. “Phaneroscopy’s Sub-Disciplines,” 12th International Meeting on Pragmatism,
    São Paulo, Brazil (2009).  (This article was published in two parts as “Broadening Peirce’s Phaneroscopy” (2012a and 2013a).)