Co-edited with Kathleen A. Hull, this book contains essays from scholars around the world on the topic of perception, diagrams, and reasoning.  Abjuring any strict dichotomy between presentational and representational mental activity, Peirce’s theories transform the Aristotelian, Humean, and Kantian paradigms that continue to hold sway today and, in so doing, forge a new path for understanding the centrality of visual thinking in science, education, art, and communication.  The book is available from Routledge and is part of the series Routledge Studies in American Philosophy.


Atkins_Peirce and the Conduct of Life

My second book, Peirce and the Conduct of Life: Sentiment and Instinct in Ethics and Religion, is now available from Cambridge University Press.  Drawing on a controversial lecture that Peirce delivered in 1898 and related works, I examine Peirce’s theories of sentiment and instinct, his defense of the rational acceptability of religious belief, his analysis of self-controlled action, and his pragmatic account of practical ethics, showing how Peirce developed his views and how they interact with those of his great contemporary William James.



My first book, Puzzled?! An Introduction to Philosophizing, is available from Hackett.  Make your life easy and consider using it in your intro to philosophy class.  Need to have primary source material in your class?  Here are some suggested readings!