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On one snowy, magical day, a teenager in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, wandered into a bookstore.  He’d had enough of reading novels by Michael Crichton and Stephen King.  He considered buying Homer’s Iliad but thought better of it.  He made his way through the history aisle, but nothing caught his interest.  Then, at the end of that aisle, he looked up and saw a book glowing—no, radiating—a bright white light.  He eagerly pulled it from the shelf.  He gladly purchased it.  And ever since reading Plato’s Republic, he has, sadly, never been the same.

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Yes, that teenager was me, Richard Kenneth Atkins.  I’m also the author of those first two books pictured above and the co-editor of the third.  And I’m the one writing this now, not now at the time you’re reading it, of course, but now at the time I’m writing.  Presently, at both the time of my writing and the time of your reading, I’m an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Boston College.  I am also the Secretary-Treasurer of the Charles S. Peirce Society.  I have a Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University (Bronx, NY) and an M.A. in theology from the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, CA).   My B.A. is from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL).  My other teaching appointments have been at New York University, Fordham University, Iona College, and Gateway New York.

I made this website to share my work.  Most of it centers on the great American philosopher Charles S. Peirce.  He is credited as the founder of pragmatism, and many people regard him as the most original thinker the United States has produced.  I take an interest in his phenomenology, his epistemology, his work in the philosophy of language, and his practical philosophy.  On these topics, please see my publications and presentations.  Also, my dissertation defended a broadly pragmatic account of the normativity of perception.

Please check out my book books and misc. pages, too.  You won’t be disappointed.  Or maybe you will be.  Whatever the case may be, I’m confident it will be one or the other.

To learn more about my professional experience, please see my CV.  To contact me, please email me at my gmail.com address: dr.rkatkins.

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